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Dough Feeder

Machine built to mold bread sticks, taralli and ciabatta bread. The automatic dough feeder enables to laminate the dough on the same machine. The speed and the thickness are set thanks to a simple small handwheels and potentiometer. A drawer containing a pair of stainless-steel wire drawing rollers is used to determine the breadstick diameter.

Technical features

  • Stainless steel structure
  • Dough loading mopper
  • Motorized dough introduction rollers with adjustable thickness through a handwheel with an incorporate indicator
  • 1 motor for dough feeder
  • 1 motor for the belt with adjustable speed
  • 2 gearmotors for cutting/movement
  • Power installed 1,0 kW
  • Weight 180 kg
  • Production rate per hour depends on the wire drawing machine diameter, indicatively 150-180kg
  • Equipped with fixed mechanical and electrical protection devices
  • Mounted on wheels to facilitate the positioning
  • Dough feeder adjustament by inverter ad potentiometer
  • Provided with timers to adjust the product’s length in automatic or manual mode
  • Supplied with only one wire drawing drawer
  • Various models produced, with Ø ranging from 6 to 22mm with working width of 180mm.
  • Machine dimensions: stationary 500x1040x1750 in operation 500x1800x1750
Information about the machine:Dough Feeder