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Friselle cutting machine: machine built to cut friselle, dakos, (crunchy bread slicers), donuts, sandwiches, slippers, hot-dogs, hamburger buns, etc. thanks of an alternative movement of a stainless steel blade.

It can cut small and large pieces up to a maximum width of 235 mm

Technical features

  • Stainless steel structure
  • Alternate-blade cutting action or harmonic stainless steel wire
  • Adjustable cutting thickness
  • Belt and chain drive
  • Belt speed mt / min 9,20
  • Working belt width 240 mm
  • Product height from 5mm to 55mm (model TF)
  • Product height from 35mm to 80mm (model TH)
  • Maximum opening of conveyor belts 60 mm
  • Installed power Kw 0.37
  • Weight 100 kg
  • Equipped with fixed, mechanical and electrical protections
  • Mounted on wheels to facilitate positioning
  • Supplied with front vibration-damping devices
  • Machine dimensions: 1400x520x1100 mm