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The line consists of an Extruding Head and a conveyor belt used to feed the automatic taralli/breadstick making machine. The Extruding Head is composed by a stainless steel loading hopper, extrusion rollers made of stainless steel driven by a geared motor and connected to an nozzle which feeds the dough on the conveyor belt up to the feeding belt of the Automatic Machine. The extruded dough is not laminated, so it’s very friable. Furthermore, the rest time that is given to the dough by the conveyor belt, allows the dough to keep the typical characteristics of the product, getting the snack fragrance.

The machine has a working width of 600 mm and is suitable for the use of 600×800 mm trays or 600*400 mm with automatic loading. The trays are contained in the trays loader which has a capacity of 20 trays approx. In its standard version, the machine can only make one shape of taralli/breadstick and is composed of: prelimi-nary rollers, rotary bar with shaping tubes and a stain-less-steel wire drawing drawer with the diameter previously chosen. The machine is equipped with electric motors which are controlled by inverters, that allow the adjustment of the working speeds. All the functions are managed by a PLC which can easily be adjusted and managed by a touch screen panel.


Work cycle: The dough strip coming from the conveyor belt is placed on the feeding belt of the machine that, through the preliminary rollers and the wire drawing make the dough breadsticks, then conveyed inside the tubes of the rotary bar. Thanks to the bar’s motion, the breadsticks can be shaped to obtain the desired shape. Subsequently they are cut by a knife thus forming the tarallo or breadstick and placed on a tray.

Technical features

  • Working dimensions: for trays of 600x800mm (600x400mm)
  • Maximum length: 6800 mm
  • Maximum width: 1400 mm
  • Maximum height: 1800 mm
  • Total weight: 960 kg
  • Power installed: 3,1 kw